The Perfect Man’s Guide To All Things About Boots And Shoes!

The Perfect Man’s Guide To All Things About Boots And Shoes!

Perhaps the world’s oldest footwear was discovered by the famed archaeologist, Luther Cressman about 70 years ago from now.  He found it in central Oregon, and the sandals were thought to be more than 10,000 years old.

As from the looks of it, they seem to be designed of some intricate weaves, which indicate the fact that the shoes of those times were not only functional but also stylish. Historically, starting from these ancient times to the very modern era, man has always taken a keen interest on footwear and has valued the shoes that not only get the job well done, but also look unique and stylish.

Figure 1Luther Cressman with the sandals he discovered in Oregon

So, it is evident that a man does love and think about what he puts on his feet! However, the point of this blog is not to sell the idea that a man needs shoes for all kinds of opinions! Having said that, we do want to express the idea that having well fitted shoes that are of quality, materials and finish are definitely a worthy investment, and that the right pair of shoes matched with the right situation, will substantially elevate one’s personal statement, style and comfort.

What’s so good ‘bout them shoes?

Think you are a man who does not need to care about shoes! Then you are wrong. A real man does care about his footwear, for the very basic reason, which is that he stands on them, which forms the foundation that he put on the ground every time he stands!

To further elaborate the idea, here is some simple physics: on an average day, you ask your shoes to carry the force of your weight about 3000+ times; and a poor choice in that case can lead to not only a lot of discomfort but also injury (painfully every step at a time). So, be careful about your body’s natural gait and cushioning system and choose your footwear accordingly.

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The best way to tell a gentleman is by his shoes!

Also there is the aspect of appearance. After the rest of your clothing, the eyes come at the end point at your shoes which serves to be the visual terminal point. The visual judgement based on the shoes is about 30% during sizing up a stranger, while it only covers 5% of one’s body.

Ideally you rule of thumb when selecting a footwear of choice, is to go for both stylish as well as functional. Here are a few footwear-selecting principles, which will help you achieve the right balance in shoe style and functionality:

Shoe commandments:

#1 Wear the right shoe for the occasion:

This is one of the most common mistake we have noticed men to make. All shoes have their own purpose, running shoes are for running, and they help to protect your feet. While steel toe work boots have their own purpose, they help to protect your feet while working. However, you may choose to wear them outside their prescribed function as long as they are still appropriate. Nevertheless, do not take it to the extreme and abandon all middle ground between being simply formal with ultra-casual.

#2 Always invest in quality shoes:

We know that not every man can afford to buy shoes worth hundreds of dollars on just a pair of shoe, however, many of those who instead choose to waste money elsewhere and buy new inferior shoes every few years.

This cannot be a winning strategy, low quality footwear is held together with glue and is made of cheap raw materials like cardboard and paper, these will never age well. But one can save a lot of money in the long run when buying more expensive shoes that last for much longer periods.


#3 Proper fit and comfort are your best friends:

Always and we mean always buy the right shoe size, even if this means paying a little higher and purchasing your shoes at a shabby brick and mortar shop instead of going the lowest online tax free route. Local businesses will be smart enough to give you the right guidance for the perfect shoe size.
We can also offer a fair share of tips and guidance along with bespoke handmade leather shoes for men crafted by the finest artisans.

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