The Secret To The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner Etiquette For Men

The Secret To The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner Etiquette For Men

Valentine’s Day is here and you made the perfect dinner date reservations for your special lady (with some helpful hints from her and an advanced reminder on booking the table)! Isn’t it the worst when you arrive after a long and arduous drive to the restaurant and discover there is no seating available and the wait will be at least two hours!

It is always better to plan ahead for Valentine’s Day with proper reservations, with some strings pulled to not get a seat beside the kitchen door or the restroom. A great tip when making dinner reservations is to give the host both your first and last name, that is because Valentine’s nights are especially busy when you can hope to find several other Vishals and Rahuls who have a booking, and someone sneaky may accidentally claim to your homonymous Triplehorns (Date Night anyone?).



Now for some wise words of advice for our Valentines’ heroes who have struggled to keep things tight and perfect despite several hijinks situations! When visiting an unfamiliar restaurant, remember to check your dress code, so, that you may dress accordingly. Also be sure to let your date know the same, even if the dinner is a surprise you can hint at her so, that she is saved from the dressing-disaster nightmare and does not come over or underdressed.

Also, make reservations at the restaurant that you know your date will enjoy, and not the one you favour because it is really close by or is a convenient drive through where you are a regular!

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Furthermore, remember that Coat and tie is the loudest hint at those ugly running shoes or your favourite torn converse, that should not be a part of your Valentine’s ensemble. You must remember that this is the Valentine’s Day date and is always going to be the day to reconnect and make a good impression, treat this date as your forever first date!

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Listed here are a few more tips that will help to show your date, that you are way more interested in her than the pasta lying on the table!

  • Always give her the best of the two seats! The one facing the centre of the restaurant or with a good view outside is the one where she should sit. 
  • This dinner, allow your long-time partner or date to just order those foie gras, even if those small servings turn your stomach at the very sight and make your wallets cringe in pain. Control your eyeballs from rolling and save your snarky comments on the outrageous prices of the appetizers. 
  • Remember to pace yourself at dinner. You are here today for the experience of looking at your pretty date, reconnecting, having a hearty conversation, and to try and unravel a little more of the mysteries in her mind. You are not really so much to eat! So, do not fill up on bed the moment you sit as you notice the table beside you has really small portions of servings! It is time to sweep her off the feet with your newly discovered gentleman dining skills!
  • This is and lastly, throughout the date keep your eyes focused at her Not the best date to share an entree, order from the menu, without shouting demands at the waiter and eat your own food instead of picking out the potatoes and skipping them when sharing her potato au gratin!
  • Don’ts for the valentine’s dinner date:

o Slurping soup
o Smacking lips
o Chewing with your mouth open
o Tucking your napkin in your belt or using it as a bib
o Using your tie as an emergency hanky
o Pick out food from your teeth with your fingers or the fork
o Talk for hours on phone or check your phone constantly
o Talk about the 2017-18 Budget, taxation, terrorism, how bad the weather is, or your terrible boss
o Skipping dessert
o Chew on a toothpick after the meal like a child!

  • Finally, throughout the date keep your eyes focussed at her, listen to her and daren’t let your gaze slip to the table towards the other girl dressed in a less conservative dress!

Have a great Valentine’s Day!

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