The Shoe Story – An Unknown Description Of The Known Shoes

The Shoe Story – An Unknown Description Of The Known Shoes

The very first thing noticeable in a man are his shoes. Previously   formed as a necessity, it is now a fashion statement listed with variations like mens designer shoes, Boots, Sandals, Slippers, etc, this blog is a quick glance in the world of shoes.

The Beginning- Initially, shoe making started off as a traditional handicraft business. This gradually shifted to formal Industrialization. This process paid off well as modern equipments completed the 200 operations of Shoe making at one go. More production led to the profit maximization of the Industry. Materials like leather, feather, rubber, metal, plastics and Jute fabrics have now become the sources to Sneakers, Galoshes, Stilettos, Mary Janes and leather loafers for men.  

Know Your Shoe: The basic framework is almost same for almost every shoe. This enlists sole, insole, midsole, heel and vamp (upper). The further inclusions like lining, tongue, quarter, welt and backstay are placed in accordance to the designer.

  • Sole – This is the outermost bottom part of a shoe.
  • Insole – This is the inside part, being referred to as foot beds. Easily removable. They are present for factors like comfort, absorption of moisture and resist odor.
  • Out Sole– It is the exterior bottom part directly touching the ground. Usually made of rubber or leather in accordance to the usage.
  • Heel – The part of Sole   designed to watch the form of the upper. The part of heel reaching the ground is the top piece.
  • Vamp or Upper– The whole part covering the foot is the ‘upper’. Vamp is a part of upper that guards the front, back as well as the joint at the quarter.

How does it work?  Certain sections are involved in the production of best casual shoes for men. They are followed by every shoe making company. The steps include:

  • Clicking or Cutting department – in this section, the ‘upper part’ is shaped. Being the first in the steps of production, this involves a combination of traditional and modern technologies. Majority of the usage is from Cow leather. It needs to be pierced through the sharp edges of knife by a skilled craftsman. They have to ensure the minimal wastage of leather and avoidance of barbed wire scratches, during the usage of uppers.
  • Closing or Machine department- The ‘upper’ gets a perfect shape here. Talented machinists stitch the pieces to form a composed material.  The work is performed in two folds. First, the pieces are stitched on the flat machine. In the next part, the equipment called ‘post-machine’ is used when the upper has become three-dimensional. The sewing surface is kept at a rising part so that it becomes easy for the workman. Fine edging and penetrataion of eyelets are a must in this stage. It provides colored shoe laces to make the shoe more desirable.
  • Lasting and Making department – The ‘upper’ takes the shape of the respective feet with the aid of ‘last’. This is a plastic that enhances the foot shape. Mostly used for making lightweight running or racing shoes. After the sides are joined, the upper is steam heated. Then the ‘last’ is slipped in and the shoe is laced up tight. The bottom becomes adjacent after the upper is cooled.
  • Furnishing Department and the Shoe room– The final ‘Midas touch’ is given here. Mens leather casual shoes require the edges to be waterproof, stained, polished and waxed. Different patterns are carved on the surface. Then the finished shoe is dispatched to the shoe room.

Here, in the shoe room, mens designer shoes are polished. Then sent to retailers after inserting shoelaces.     

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