The Top 4 Leather Shoes a Man Should Own

The Top 4 Leather Shoes a Man Should Own

Shoes are the bedrock of outfits. They can either glam you up or drag your look down – in a jiffy. Not only that, designer shoes online last long. Assuming you don’t go jogging in them.

Saying that we’ve compiled a nifty list of indefatigable leather shoes that looks effortlessly stylish, proffers maximum return on investment and feels delightfully comfortable!

Brown Brogues

Started off as farmers’ clogs to trudge through boggy lands, brogues have indeed come a long way. Today, handmade longwing brogue shoes are go-to shoes. Be it a corporate lunch or a Sunday brunch, brogues keep the look smart-casual without compromising style aspect.

Want to keep your options open? Go for brown brogues. The suave shade of brown keeps the look natty, understated and crisp.

Oxblood Penny Loafers

Similar to brogues, penny loafers are versatile, classic and had a humble beginning. Popularized by Norwegian fishermen, loafers became mainstream after they were rechristened by Ivy League students. They attract people who seek comfort, elegance and functionality. They are easy to wear and work well with almost any attire. Put simply, they are typical no-nonsense shoes that will keep you going through the day till the night.

Talking of colors, oxblood and tan are in vogue. Try to get your hands on these colors and SLAY!

Black Chelsea Boots

Want to go for something NEW instead of your regular leather lace-ups? Chelsea boots fit the bill. There’s something incredibly rock ‘n’ roll about polished black leather boots – and when matched with a rad biker jacket, it creates a winning combination. No wonder, the luxuriousness of the black leather will make you dressier in appearance –provided you style right.

Black Chelsea Boots

However, if you are inclined towards suede, you should keep in mind that owing to its fuzzy texture, you tend to lose your formal appeal. As well as waterproof abilities.

Tan Derbies

Derbies are distinctive: courtesy their iconic eyelets. Because of the latter, the shoes look slightly less formal than Oxfords, hence the overall effect screams of casual vibes. Americans, at times, refer Derbies as Bluchers although there is a slight technical difference. They even call brogues wingtips, how does that matter!

Tan Derbies

Despite the overall casualness, derbies exude a certain air of minimalism. They don’t tally with the stiff crispness of Oxfords neither do they appear too funky in terms of looks. For modern, millennial men, derbies are the safest option.

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