Three Things About Men’s Style To Learn From Celebrities!

Three Things About Men’s Style To Learn From Celebrities!

Women are a sucker for following celebrities, but do men sneakily follow celebrities and secretly seek fashion and style advice from them?

Why yes they do! Often time’s men watch a movie and feel like they can pull off the Brad Pitt look.

So, how can one dress like Daniel Craig? Or suit up to kill with your Idris Elba look?

Here is how:

Celebrities have confidence:

Something that looks absolutely hilarious on an average guy may look amazing on a celebrity. But how? That is because celebrities carry an air of confidence that helps them pull of any look they try. And that is how they can wear the craziest hats, jackets, and shoes and not bat an eyelash of fashion noobs laughing at them.

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The simple answer is to have confidence. They know that they have to put up a show. They practice and perform under the cameras and lights for a living. So just stepping at an event, with millions of people watching them is just a natural exercise for them.

The secret is to get comfortable with the idea of having people stare at you when one walks into the room. And a pair of men’s leather sneakers will definitely draw people’s eyes to your feet!

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Celebrities o not cringe at being the best dressed man in the room:

The key is to own your look. Many men are very uncomfortable at being a peacock kind of a situation. They find comfort when people just walk past them. They do not mind blending in with their surrounding, so that people do not even take a second look at them.

But do not be afraid to be the peacock, outshine others and set your foot as the best dressed at the event. This is key to attract attention from others, that celebrities thrive on, and so should you if you want that same kind of fan following without all the lights camera and action…

Your image should be your profession:

Celebrities often get paid to wear an expensive designer clothing than pay for it themselves. This is because maintaining one’s image is a part that comes with job description of being a celebrity. And they cannot help but pay attention to what they are wearing.


They study the style and they are always on top of the latest fashion trends. You should understand the importance of fit and you must practice sharp dressing on a regular basis.

After all, being stylish is not just an act but a 24/7 job!

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