Top 5 So-Good Habits Men Need to Follow RN

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Do you have a thing for Whites? Prefer tailor suits over casual denims? Wash your light-colored clothes separately? Then there’s a high chance that you take the sartorial pursuit very seriously.

In this blog, we’re going to address this problem – here are 5 habits of style-friendly men that are worth adding to your daily routine RN.

Stick to the Basics

Keep it simple! The most influential fashion stalwarts have time and again pressed on wearing comfortable, basic uniforms and about making statements. In a recent survey, it’s been found that on average British men wear 13% of their closets – time and again, men return back to the basic pieces, which makes it even more important to spent on quality staples, rather than splurging on ostentatious pieces of clothing.

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Must-have basics – a couple of white T-shirts, a sky blue Oxford shirt, a pair of denims, some muted chinos, a grey sweatshirt and a nifty pair of brogues shoes online.

Stay Stocked

Basics are the bedrock of any wardrobe – once you are sorted with this, the rest automatically falls into the place. It’s essential to dress well, and in the process, style-friendly men takes a note of the store, designer label, size and cut, in case they have to go shopping for replacements. They don’t want it to be a strenuous experience. For brownie points, click a picture of your outfit, and show it to the store manager from next time onward.

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Less is More, Sometimes

This holds particularly true, in case of jeans. It’s said that it’s better to skip washing them for at least first six months. “We champion the habit of buying raw (or ‘dry’) denim jeans and breaking them in yourself so that they can create their own wash,” shares Nudie Jeans denim designer Johan Lindsted.

So, create the most gorgeous pair of jeans on its own just by holding them off from washing and trust me, they are better than wash ready-made.

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A Good Fit Is Hit

Every fashionable man knows very well that the key to looking good is a perfect tailoring. A good fit can instantly amp up your entire look. A slight nip and a tuck can work wonders on almost any attire.

Whether you buy a reasonable overcoat or a glitzy tuxedo, make sure it’s well tailored. Because for men, an inch is like a mile and the slightest of alteration can result in a massive difference, worth noting. Cuffs, mane and shoulders need most of the focus, as compared to other body parts.

Shoes That Makes You Forget Your Feet

It’s established, shoes are the most important element for any outfit. It has the power to dismantle your entire look, if gone wrong. So, it’s better to play safe. Don comfortable shoes that fit well as well as look great. It’s good to possess at least a basic pair of leather shoes for men that suits every trouser found in your closet.

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“Some of the most versatile shoes a man can have are Chelsea boots in brown, wingtips in dark tan, double monk straps and, my favorite, plain leather loafers for men,” says Johnson. “Aside from that, there’s not much else you need apart from a pair of white sneakers and an all-rounder black shoe.”

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