Want to Go Sockless? Here’s a Nifty Guide to Rock Sans-Socks Look

Want to Go Sockless? Here’s a Nifty Guide to Rock Sans-Socks Look

It’s fun to dress up in summer. You can incorporate colors, experiment with patterns and try all types of footwear. Be it boat shoes, slip-ons, loafers or trainers, you get a wide array of shoe options right at your disposal. However, you got to make one decision right, socks or no socks?!

Indian summers are excruciatingly hot and humid. The rising mercury levels leave little room to wear socks; plus, ‘going sockless’ has somewhat become like a new trend, which is gaining intense momentum of late. You will find plenty of millennial men avoiding socks even when wearing sharp and sleek dress shoes and formal business suits.

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Nevertheless, going sockless is a risqué option. For years, slipping into a pair of handmade leather shoes without putting your socks on has been considered crude and unsophisticated. People look down upon those who followed the trend. But, now times are changing as well as people’s style sense.

As a result, below, we have rounded up a quick set of RULES that will help you rock the ‘sans-socks look’ effortlessly:

  • Wear a pair of tailored trousers or slim-fit jeans, both of which should end at or just above your ankle.
  • Talking of ankles, make sure you take care of them; no one would like to catch a peek of unshaved leg hairs.
  • Before going sockless, don’t forget to break your new shoes with socks; because, shoe bites and blisters are a painful affair.
  • No matter, how wonderfully you flaunt your socks-free look, there will be some formal occasions where you have to embrace the most conventional sock-and-brogue combination.

Choosing the Right Shoes for Men Matters (Especially, When Going Sockless)


Whether it’s a formal occasion or a casual day out, handmade leather loafers are mostly worn barefoot. Screaming of suave sophistication, they are best teamed with a snazzy suit when dressing up or with a pair of faded denim and a turtle neck jumper for that natty Sunday brunch look. Both ways, you are bound to grab eyeballs and attention while soaking in class and comfort.

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When wearing designer leather sneakers online, socks should be avoided at any cost. Sneakers master the street-smart look. They add a dash of quirkiness to your everyday jeans and t-shirt looks and bring an edge of eccentricity in your personality. However, to nail the snazzy look, you have to steer away from donning socks. That’s the thumb rule!

Boat Shoes

Looking for that quintessential summer shoe? A fresh pair of boat shoes fit the bill. Easy to style and flaunt, boat shoes can be worn with almost anything starting from super casual chinos and jumpers to jeans and t-shirt. However, they look best when paired sans socks. Plus, they are just perfect for warmer months when your feet need to breathe in some air! Hence, an absolute must-have!

handmade shoes for men

On That Note

To go or not to go sockless… the decision rests with you. For us, both the options are completely viable depending on the stream of formalities. At Fellmonger, we offer an exquisite collection of handcrafted leather shoes for men that work well with both the looks. If interested, drop by our website and check out our unique motley of footwear choices. Hope you won’t be disappointed!


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