How to Wear a Suit: The Importance of Neat Tailoring

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Dressing on budget calls for checking out off-the-rack suits in the best fit possible – if fit remains a concern, take it to a tailor for mere alterations. Well, now that I call a good advice.

However, if you have zero knowledge about how to go shopping for suits, this blog is just what you need. Read on to know how to look extravagantly stylish in the perfectly tailored suit without going overboard with the budget.

But before everything, you need to know what does a ‘good’ fit mean – tailoring varies from person to person – it would be advisable to talk to your tailor clearly – tell him about your requirements, what kind of fit you need and things like that.

Here’s a roundup of how your suit should fit, let’s take a look:

The Shoulder

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To kick start an interesting discussion, let’s begin with the shoulder. A proper shoulder should lie flat – the seam on the top of the shoulder must be of the same length with that of the bone under it. Also, make sure the seam that joins the sleeve to the jacked fits properly and doesn’t look hiked up across the shoulder bone, if it does, then your jacket will never fit you properly, as ripple effects will be evident.

The seat

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After your shoulders, the back of your trousers demands the next attention. It should form a smooth drape over your back – a wrong fit can easily be spotted if there are some horizontal wrinkles right under your butt or if some loose ends hang from the back of your thighs.

The Jacket Closure

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Button your jacket, if you are wearing a suit and standing.

While testing, try buttoning up a single-breasted jacket only by closing one button, even though it’s a 3-button jacket. For the right fit, the button should get closed without putting much effort, or no wrinkles should be emanating from the button closure. Though a tiny bit of opening at the base of the suit looks fine, the two halves of the jacket beneath the button shouldn’t be so much that anyone can look through a huge triangle piece of your shirt, just right above your trouser.

Jacket Length

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A perfect suit jacket should drop past the waist and fall over your buttocks. A good fit means it will cover a man entirely until his butt starts to curve back inward. Also, the hands are reckoned to be good markers – relax your arms, and measure the length of your jacket. The hem of the jacket should reach where your fingers meet your palm.

Jacket Collar

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A well-fitted jacket collar should easily rest on your shirt collar, which again rests against the rear of your neck. If it doesn’t happen, then your jacket collar is a poorly-fitted one. However, a loose collar is easy to spot, while a tight collar is difficult to intercept.

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