Why These Two Men’s Leather Casual Shoes Can Sharpen Your Style

mens leather casual shoes

Men’s fashion is poles apart from women’s fashion– where one season stilettos are trending, only to be replaced by sandals the following season! Men’s fashion isn’t prone to drastic changes like that. Take for example leather shoes for men. No doubt they have evolved over the ages, but the changes are way more subtle; they are minor modifications on a standard design.

That being said, here are two footwear options that have been around for years; nevertheless, they are in vogue in 2018. They are hip and cool, but they assure men a classy look.

Handmade Leather Loafers

Leather loafer is the biggest representation of preppy style. They were made popular by American university students who admired the ease and minimalist appeal these shoes offered. Fast forward 60-70 years, leather loafers are still loved for their simplicity, ease of wearing and adaptable nature. If you have one good-looking pair of loafer shoes, you can use it in multiple ways. Sometimes you can dress it up with semi formals, other times when you are dressing casually, you can play it down for a fun and swanky appearance.

mens penny loafers online
Modern penny loafers beside vinatge ones

Scotch Grain Detailing:

Scotch grain detailing is making big waves in the footwear industry. Scotch grain leather is basically calfskin leather, but the surface is embossed for a bumpy, raised and pebble-like look, mainly for stylistic reasons. The embossing gives loafers a textured feel and a rustic appeal, which is all the rage currently. Hence, such shoes lend your get-up more character, and definitely classiness and elegance. You’ll be happy to know that this trend has touched all the big labels in men’s footwear, both traditionalists and trend-chasers.

driving loafers for men india
Scotch grain buckle loafers made of calfskin leather

Decoding its Popularity:

As expressed by a luxury menswear boutique owner in Manhattan – ‘’ it boils down to their versatility’’– meaning, these shoes pair wonderfully with a wide range of clothes. Moreover, they are more hardwearing than smooth leather or suede, making them apt for harsh weather conditions, because men need to put on dress shoes regardless of inconveniences they face. Keeping this is mind; Fellmonger New Fall Winter ’18 collection of handmade leather loafers is crafted with durable Tunit sole with rubber forepart, so they endure wear and tear very well.

luxury mens shoes online
Handmade leather driving loafer with rubber sole

Leather Boots for Men

Now, let’s move on to the second shoe type that’s timeless, both in terms of utility and appeal. Nothing can replace the sturdy leather boot for men. We understand choosing from myriad styles of boots that populate the market presently can get confusing. So, you can follow these rules:

  • Be on the safe side and don’t buy boots that go above ankles. The longer they get, the less versatile they become.
  • Go for fine and neat lacing. It looks smarter than lace-less ones.
  • Lastly, opt for a classic color palette consisting of dark blues, blacks and browns. That way you can wear the boots more often.
leather boots for men
Navy leather casual ankle boots for men

Now that the weather is getting colder with each passing day, give you winter-closet a boost with a pair of ankle boots. You can wear then with blue denims and jacket for a casual street look and with black chinos for a smart appearance in a business-casual setting.

Having these latest shoe trends on your fingertips, you can easily shop online for elegant and comfortable men’s leather casual shoes that are handcrafted to perfection.

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