Winter-Care: How to Keep Your Leather Boots Going In This Harsh Weather

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Hooray, its winter!!

And winter means pulling out your best furry companions from the closet and walk out to embrace the sludge and ice while looking your best!

But of course, this season may become a tough pill to swallow if you don’t have your hands on a good, reliable pair of sturdy leather boots, as we all know how ice, snow and mud wreaks havoc on our shoes. For me, boots are an all-time favorite, though winter is the most opportune time to sport them, and I love to take special care of them to prolong their wearibility. Whether your shoes have got salt stains or just some normal dirt and sludge from muddy puddles, regular pampering of your leather boots will keep your beloved road companions in top-class condition from this season to the next.

Here are few things to remember regarding leather boot care:



It all starts with a little bit of cleaning – whether it’s those dried cracks underneath your boots or just regular dirty marks, wiping out all the debris from your boot is something you should definitely think of considering immediately. To remove the stains, use a cloth and dip it into a bowl of white vinegar and water to wash off the stains. Give some time to the boot to let it dry and then pat with a soft cloth to remove excess moisture. If you have to deal with salt stains, try to remove them as soon as possible before they gets dry.


Wiping off scuffs

Just head to the pantry and you’ll get all the right tools needed to erase scuffs. Get a bowl of water, dip a soft cloth into it and then into baking soda and rub off the scuffs gently until they gets milder. Next, wipe the boot thoroughly and let it dry for a while before buffing it one last time.

Protect from wear and tear

Add a protective shield to your shoes right from the beginning of the harsh season so as to make them last for long. Use a waterproofing spray to avoid salt stains even before they start appearing, in this way you can protect them from getting damaged right from the start. Line up all your boots, and spray clean in one sitting.



Its best to keep your leather boots out in the warm, but of course too much heat can also make the suave leather become brittle and develop cracks a little later. Next, refrain from keeping them enclosed in plastic bags because leather needs some air to breath and if there’s no air, the leather will dry out and can even mold. Hence, it is better to select a box equipped with a loose lid to store your leather boots for men for the off-season months.

P.S No matter what type of boots you own, make sure you test only a small portion of the boot before using any to-care products. In fact, it would be better if you ask the shoe manufacturer what products he is recommending for proper care of your boots.

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