Woo Your Lady: 5 Surprising Things Women Find Attractive in Men

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Confidence matters, just as much as first impression!

Especially for fairer sex. Talking of which, we recently performed a survey including a diverse group of women asking about what they like the most in men’s style and we learnt the devil is in the detail… a well-attended wardrobe, neat grooming habits and a decent taste in shoes are a few things that doesn’t escape the eyes of the ladies.

Read on to learn more about things that women find attractive in men.

Neat grooming habits

A key thing women notices about men is how well groomed they are! That means they would inspect your hair, body hair, facial hair, body odor and 360-degree cleanliness.

Men, do take care of yourselves. Maintaining a good hygiene is a practice to be preached. Go clean shaven or sport a bearded look – but don’t forget to take pride in your appearance.

Taste in shoes

Shoes do tell a lot about your personality – and it’s one of the first things women notices in a man, perhaps next to one’s grooming habits. So, spending on a nifty pair of designer shoes online is no brainer. There’s no need to haul a dozen pairs of cleats but having that one pair of men’s loafers online could make a whole lot of difference.

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Fellmonger is a label known for innovation in marriage with traditional art of shoemaking catering to the needs of millennial men. Dipped in perfection and honed with comfort, these shoes for men are the most fascinating pair of happiness in the city.

A tailored suit that fits well

Your job may or may not demand wearing a suit every day, but remember whenever you do, women notice you. A suit is considered to be the most professional attire – subject to fit, occasion and body type. A poorly fitted suit does you no favor, but a tailor-made suit could inspire to take on the world around.

Versatility of chinos

 Women adore men in chinos. They are the most versatile piece of attire one can fit into any regular wardrobe without any second thoughts. But just like any normal suit, proper fit is significant. As a result, chinos that are too big or ill-fitting should be avoided at all cost, instead fix your eyes for a modern, tapered cut – they are quite in vogue nowadays.

Right accessories matter

Enhance your personal style with an alluring set of accessories. They aren’t an afterthought, they are integral when it comes to style, sense and sensibility. Get started with the style game by donning a gorgeous yet minimalist watch – a watch looks so damn good, man! Followed by rings, pocket squares and bracelets.

Ready to start impressing ladies!!

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