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If you are out to discover a pair of nifty all-round Oxford shoes, then can it get better than this! Powered by exquisite leather finishing, a pair of Fellmonger Brushed Burgundy Brogue Hybrid shoe double up the touch of sophistication when teaming with natty formal outfits or quirky casuals – whether it is a neat designer suit, a pair of chinos or a dress shirt!

These brogues shoes online are elaborate handcrafted pieces of perfection, crafted by the finest experts imported across the globe. A state-of-the-art construction technique married by high quality leather is the result of such marvellous artwork.

Shoes define a man’s personality – pick a pair of Fellmonger leather shoes and stride in panache!

" What Sets Us Apart "



At Fellmonger innovation drives us. Today's demand is something that is ideal for that "on the go" persona. Most of the shoes are astonishingly lightweight weighting at just 300gm a shoe. We ensure peak performance at all levels.



Fellmonger shoes are constructed in a way that every element of the shoe works in unison. the shoes are made to fit and take the natural shape of your feet. Athletic soles, comfortable leather and universal construction ensure the much needed flexibility when you move.


Perfect Balance

All our shoes are created with universal appeal. They are made to complement any ensemble. So whether it is 9-5 corporate avatar, showstopper at the party, or the casual freak in you, the same shoe satisfies all the heads.
Style tips: Throw a pair of colourful laces from Fellmonger on your shoes and see the magic for yourself.



Use of natural materials and breathable footbeds inside all our shoes make them sweat and odour free. This provides round the clock easiness and a feel good factor for your feet.


Genuine Leather

If the shoe is a body, the leather is its essence. At Fellmonger, the leather arrives from tanneries all over the world. the testing team makes the leather to go through 18 different test before we put them on any of our shoes. So stay rest assured. We got you covered!


Shock Absorbing Sole

Integrating athletic innovation with traditional designs, our eva soles transform the leather shoes into a round the clock footwear. Terrain smart, study and 100% compressible. Our soles ensure all day comfort not allowing the feet to strain by even 0.1%